Strange Legacy: Walkthrough

Chapter I

Chapter I, Mission 1: I should check my uncles old house west of capital city?

This is is simple, just move your character to the labeled spot Uncles Place, where you started. This is located on x=39, y=44. This will open a menu, where you select: Storyline!

Chapter I, Mission 2: Well, I promised to give this strange man my uncles old treasure map. He donated it to one of the temples. I should check the temple nearby and ask somebody in the library!

There is a temple nearby your uncles house. Go there and select the option to talk to the librarist.

Chapter I, Mission 3: Pity that! The map wasn't there! And I need to find a way to get to the Library Depot on 56, 65 - still on this map. Maybe I should check the bigger cities for upgrades - maybe one of the those has a desert upgrade or something. The biggest cities around are Capital City, Elves Rise in the east and Harbour City in the very west.

Well, self-explaining mission description! Go to the harbour city and buy the desert upgrade within the workshop, than go to x=56, y=65.

Chapter I, Mission 4: The place was abandoned! Somebody must have stolen the map from there. I should check the surroundings of the library. Maybe somebody in the temple or the tavern nearby has seen anything.

Check the tavern northwest of your location.

Chapter I, Mission 5: The Outlaws?! Well that explains a lot! They were always robbing and stealing - however the have behaved peaceful in the last decade. I think they even have a settlement somewhere. I should check the map.

The Camp of the Outlaws lies in the middle of the map. There are several options how to get the next piece of information. You can either rely on your luck, your charisma or on your fighting power.

Chapter I, Mission 6: Again? Another part of the world in order to get this cursed map! Hopefully, the strange guy will really give me information about my uncle. I should see the Settlement of the Stonecutters in the northeast. However I will need additional equipment to enter the snowland. And gloves and warm shoes, too! Haven't I seen an upgrade for snow terrain somewhere?

The snow upgrade can be bought in the elven city. Again there are several options how to get the map.

Chapter I, Mission 7: Gosh, I am so close! All I need is to get to the other side of the river: x,y=35,4. The treasure is buried in the north and the place is marked on the map. I should try to find a way to pass a river and then the map will be mine!

Well you might need a water upgrade from Capital City and a shovel from the store in traders district.

Chapter I, Mission 8: Yup, I got it! Now I got to hurry back to my Uncles Place to see what Bullseye or whatever can tell me! Return to your uncles place.

Chapter I, Mission 9: Well, at least I found out that my uncle seems to have some dark secrets and even if he is not my uncle - I don't really care! He is a good man and helped me when I was in need of help! He was hard sometimes, but I know he did it to help me to survive. Where can he be? For now I should try earning some money, at least 5000 Gold would be fine.

Chapter II

Chapter II, Mission 1: I should see the City Hall in Capital City as soon as possible. I will have to pay some outstanding taxes! On the other hand, the City Hall is also responsible for trade permission, that will allow me to extend my business and travel to other locations.

You have to enter the Capital City and visit the trader district. Here you can find a new option - the city hall. You will need to pay your tax dept, but a great negotiator (charisma + trading skill) can significantly reduce the ammount of the taxes.

Chapter II, Mission 2: How unpleasant. At least I paid my taxes now. I should check back my uncles place, if something has happened.

Chapter II, Mission 3: Bullseye returned, poisoned. The one and only person that can help seems to be that with in the swamp located on: 47,19

To get there you will need a swamp upgrade. You can find it, in the woodcutter village southwest of capital city.

Chapter II, Mission 4: The swamp witch turned out to be a hundred years younger than expected. However to cure Bullseye she wants the following things: 1 Wine, 1 Grain, 1 Iceroot, 1000 Gold and 500 Fame as payment. The iceroot can be found on coordinates: 62,37. That's on the top of a mountain! Maybe I will need some kind of upgrade to get there?

The worst thing here is how to get the root. You will need a mountain upgrade, which can be bought in swamp city and a rope.

Chapter II, Mission 5: I found the iceroot! Now I should bring it together with 1 Wine, 1 Grain, 1000 Gold to the witch. I need to put in a good word for her, this might reduce my fame supporting such a person. I will be needing additional 500 fame.

Chapter II, Mission 6: Oh my, it turned out that the cure will not work without another special ingredient. I will be needing 'Green Seaweed' a precious merfolk medicine. Whatever the merfolk ask for, I should give it! To get to the merfolk I will need a ship and a trading permission to go there!

To get the trading permission (city hall) and and a ship (harbour city). You will need to talk to the merfolk, within the citymenu. You don't have to enter the city.

Chapter II, Mission 7: The merfolk ordered me to kill the naga catchers on their fishgrounds: x:9, y:11. It should be enough to kill 5 of them. Well, I will need to get an arm for my ship. Maybe a ballista or something. I must check the upgrades in the harbours!

This is tricky, even so your ship now has skirmisher ability. You should definitely upgrade your ship and buy some extra equipment. You might want to just kill a few catchers and than return to the fisherground and kill the rest.

Chapter II, Mission 8: I killed five naga catchers. I should return to the merfolk in Merfolk Capital!

Chapter II, Mission 9: Another cave. I will have to go in there by foot to collect that 'Green Seaweed'. However I should stay on guard! The grotto can be found on x:14, y:22.

A pick can help to take a good shortcut here. Also an antidote and lockpick is adviced. The seamonster hasn't to be killed to pick up the seaweed.

Chapter II, Mission 10: I got the Seaweed! There was some kind of little monster in that grotto, but it was no problem. I collected the seaweed.

Return to your uncles place.

Chapter III

Chapter III, Mission 1: To the North!? I might need to get a trading permission and then try to find this drunkard Bullseye spoke about. He said he met him in a tavern in Frost City. I should check that place.

Simply go north, there is a road from capital city that leads northwards, at the end is a tower and a passage.

Chapter III, Mission 2: I should do some kind of mission for the cityguard, finding one of the orcs outposts, see also the following side mission description.

Scout missions are tricky. There is a random coordinate you need to find between two given coordinates. Move between the coordinates. Take single steps, as just these coordinates will be checked. Try to avoid the orcish armies for now.

Chapter III, Mission 3: Destroy a watchtower? If that won't get me the attention of the dwarves I might need to tame a dragon. Return to Frost Capital and speak with the guard to start your next mission. Details can be reviewed in the following side mission description.

Simply move to the spots and kill the watchtower as soon as possible. You can hire mercs, if you are a more peaceful character.

Chapter III, Mission 4: Talk to the cityguard in the dwarvish capital!

Dwarvish Capital is to the east. Its advised to also check the inner city of the dwarves and the stores there.

Chapter III, Mission 5: These Dwarves! They want me to destroy a fortified outpost! After all I'm alone! I should hire some of these dwarvish soldiers!

This can be dangerous, but as soon as you take out the orcish leader, its done. One good way can be to use a teleport scroll to teleport there and attack instantly in the same round, or to use teleport away on the enemy leader to keep him from recruiting.

Chapter III, Mission 6: Taming and Riding a dragon would have definitely easier. I'm not a one man army. They want me to destroy an orcish superweapon within a fortified outpost! I should hire more soldiers!

The superweapon has a strong ranged attack. Better use mercs to do the dirtwork for you. Killing the superweapon quickly, can decide this mission in a short time.

Chapter III, Mission 7: Speak with the Elder Dwarf in the dwarvish capital!

Chapter III, Mission 8: The Amulet of the Three Heroes is a powerful artifact. It needs to be restored. The parts have been scattered and hidden troughout the land. One part was given to the merfolk in the open sea, one to the king of the east and one was buried in the desert. I have to find all this locations and collect the parts, then return to the Dwarven Elder. Merfolk Amulet: no, River Amulet: no, Desert Amulet: no,

The merfolk amulet part will need to be recovered with your ship. Its located in the open sea in the northwest, ask the 'charming' merfolk lady in the city for details. You should upgrade it once more. Also a teleport scroll will allow you to even teleport the ship. This can come in handy.

Desert part is tricky. When listening to gossip you can hear about the coordinates of an given up oasis. This is where you have to go. Its located on x: 25 y: 22. You will need a rope to climb down the hole on: x:10 y:18. The desert cave has a lot of spawning points for poison monsters. So the longer you stay down there, as more monsters will appear. The amulet is located on x:35 y:25.

River Amulet part is located in a dungeon north of the human settlement. Take care as there are dangerous teleport traps and undeads in this dungeons.

Chapter III, Mission 9: You have reassembled the Amulet of the Three and used one of its abilities - the farsight. A giant orcish army is approaching and the alliance has to prepare for this battle. Note: The charms powers can be used in the consumable menu and the inventory. You should talk to the Runemaster in Dwarvish Capital once more.

The amulet will grant two powers. Once it passively increases your maximum mana by 500. Neat - when combined with a maxmana potion. It also allows to uncurse your hero and allied units.

Chapter IV

Chapter IV, Mission 1: Conquer a city of the orcs, to distract them. Meanwhile the alliance will use this time to assemble troops and prepare for the battle.

Conquering a town is easy. You will first have to spy out the city, than you will be able to attack it. Act quickly, teleportscrolls can help! A conquered town is a good source if income and can be upgraded. It also offers to hire unique goblin mercs.

Chapter IV, Mission 2: Chapter IV, Mission 2: Return to Dwarvish Capital, you should prepare and stock up additional fluids, mercs and equipment before talking to him. There will be no time to purchase something for a while.

Chapter IV, Mission 3: This is the Finalbattle, it seems like the Leader of the Orcs is hiding behind a barrier of enchanted magic walls. You should defeat the subcommanders first and than attack the central fort.

Your main enemy in this battle is Jeodora in the middle. Not the Grey. If you strike her with everything you have, this battle will soon be over. Also note that the elves as well as the khalifate will help you, in case you've solved your conflicts first.

Chapter IV, Mission 4: Epical Cutscene :p

Chapter IV, Mission 5: Force or Persuade the 'Grey' to show his true form, and than defeat him.

This is done by talking to him. Each wrong choice, will summon troops you will have to defeat. These are the correct answers:

1. Who are you??

2. Why do you look like a human? Aren't you supposed to be an Orc or Halfblood!

3. This man you talk about, was a good man!

4. But it wasn't the time for them to go, you decided to take their lifes!

5. Than let me help you to get rid of this realm!

After that you will face the Souleater. Souleater has a lot of hitpoints and lifedrain. His greatest weapon is the devour ability, which will wound all nearby creatures with 8 hitpoints. This is also his weakness, as it will loose 8 hitpoints each turn as well. So teleport away and wait might work to reduce his hitpoints - but that takes time.

You will have three heroes with you, which seem weak in first place. But their abilities will fit together nicely. While your tank Scarface can slow down, he can also block the path of this boss. Bullseye has a venom attack, which will drain 16 hitpoints each turn. The Swampwitch has an attack to weaken the souleater permanently as well.

After Swampwitch attacked and hit Souleater once, she should retreat in the second line and provide healing. Finally the boss can cast some nasty spells. The worst is to summon an army. You will have to live with that and try your best to stay alive. Teleport away enemies or allies might help here.
Chapter IV, End: You have defeated the Souleater. Return to the House of your Uncle.

Chapter V

Chapter V, Aftermath: Talk to Scarface.

Chapter V, Aftermath: Rebuild the bridge to the Orcland. 5000 stones left to finish the reconstruction.

The best way is to freely cut stones in the Stonecutter x=29 y=28 to get the ammount of stones. Buying stones can be expensive, but you might reduce the ammount of work. This should provide a real challenge for players and it is intended to be this way.

Chapter V, Return to the Northland to meet the orcish embassador on x: 4, y: 26.

Better not face the Deathblades, they are a real danger even for your hero.

Chapter V, Talk to Scarface about what happened.

Chapter V, Talk to the Necromancers in the Island Capital, find a way to reach them.

Simply teleport in the middle of the inner city of island capital. There is a spot where you can talk to the necromancers.

Chapter V, Clear the piratenest and defeat the captain of the pirates.

You can not cast spells, but scrolls and mercs work fine here. You should quickly kill the enemy leader or grind experience.

Chapter V, Talk to the Necromancers, once more to find out more about the Scythe of Death.

Chapter V, Buy a wisp and upgrade it. It is said to be sold somewhere in the Desert. You will need to upgrade it first, before you can use it to find the hideouts.

Wisps are sold in the Treasure Hunters Guild, in the Deserts Capitel. If you already have a wisp he will be fully upgraded by the Necromancers.

Chapter V, Collect the four pieces of the Artifact Scythe of Death. They are located on the 10th level of the different infinite dungeons, return with the parts to the Necromancers reassemble the Scythe. Scythe Part I Cave: no; Scythe Part II Swamp: no; Scythe Part III Ancient: no; Scythe Part I Desert: no;

The dungeons are located all over the world. Again, this should provide a challenge. However there are some tricks how to quicken the approach. The wisps abilities will help you to detect exits and teleport there. You can also jump there. But its always a good advice to hunt for places of interest. Each dungeon level has at least one, and can provide special benefits.

Chapter V, Return to the bridge and finish the summoner!

The only dangerous thing here, is to face a Deathblade in melee. Try to avoid that. The Scythe of Death can be used to weaken the summoner. It can be found like the harm scroll in the use item menu.

Chapter V, You've finished the summoner and restored peace and balance in these lands!

Thanks for playing, hope you enjoyed it! You can also try to start over and find a different approach to make living. A higher difficulty will also provide some nasty challenges ;).