Strange Legacy: FAQ

Questions and Answers

When will the market recover?Markets will recover when you trigger a specific random event. Also season changes can influence the market.
I'm exhausted and can't work any more? What can I do?To recover you can sleep in taverns or beds, receive healing in temples, eat and drink consumables.
The story asks me to enter the desert, swamp, water, snow region or mountain, but I can't go there!? You will need upgrades to enter these areas. These upgrades can be found in the workshop of cities. Here a list were to find which upgrade: Snow - Elven City, Desert/Ship - Harbour City, Water - Capital City, Swamp - Woodcutters, Mountain - Swamp City
How can I heal a negative effect? There are several negative effects, additional to the original BoW. Here is a list of Effects and Healing:

  • Cursed - Pango, Amulet of Three
  • Drunk - Coffee, Pango, Heal Wounds (Temple), Recovery
  • Entangled - Character will recover after a while.
  • Frozen - Character will recover after a while.
  • Heavily Wounded - Bandage, Heal Wounds (Temple), Recovery
  • Infected - Pango, Medicine
  • Petrified - Pango
  • Poison - Antidote, Pango, Amulet of the Three, Recovery
  • Slow - Coffee, Pango
  • Venom - Antidote, Amulet of the Three
  • Weak - Pango, Amulet of the Three
  • Wounded - Bandage, Heal Wounds (Temple), Recovery
  • Uncurse (Temple) will heal everything!
Where can I get healing items? Normal healing items can be bought in magic stores, which are available in every city. While you can get almost anything in the Temple District of Capital City, pangos are one exception. Pangos can only be freely bought in Drake City.

I want to enter other parts of the world, but it seems to be blocked. This is blocked by the storyline. In Chapter II you will be able to unlock new regions in cityhall (trader district).

How to recover mana? Mana can be recovered by using consumbles such as mana potions, as well as food and drinks.

There is a war going on! Cities are blocked, but I need to access them! One solution is to wait until the war is over, but that can take its time. The end is also triggered by a random event. More confortable and faster way is to get rid of the unit that blocks your access. This can be done by teleporting the unit away, or killing the unit with a spell or ability. Teleportaway spell and scrolls are a nice way to get rid of these units and they should be available in every magic store.

Where can I buy abilities? A special trainer for abilities can be found in dungeons. There is also a trainer in capital city in the traders district. Annother way to get abilities is to equip armors, that grant special abilities. You are also able to unlock abilities as perks when leveling up.
Is there a walktrough?Yeah, it can be found on this website, just check navigation.

List of Monsters

This is a list of monsters and enemies you will face in Strange Legacy. However it will only contain monsters that are not part of the original Wesnoth.

BearEnduring enemy with a strong melee attack.Encounters, River, Dungeons
BitesnakeInstead of poison, this snakes has a strong melee attack.The Desert, Dungeons
catNimbler than a standard wolf, but otherwise quite an average opponent.Encounters, River, Dungeons
CobraDeadly, as it has a venom attack.Encounters, River, Dungeons
CrabThis Giant Crap is a dangerous creature, which should be faced with elemental attacks. It is vulnerable to cold and fire attacks.Main, Encounters, Dungeons
DogStandard foe, which can be tamed in a doghut.Bandit Camps, Encounters
Elder FalconAdvanced version of Falcon - taken from Khalifat Faction.The Desert, Main Encounter
FalconA weak, but nimble enemy - taken from Khalifat Faction.The Desert, Main Encounter
Fleet SealStrong melee attack creature.Open Sea
Elder SealStrong melee attack creature.Open Sea
FliesFun monster for experience grinders.Main, Missions
GorerDangerous melee creature.Monstercamps, River, Main
HareFun monster first seen in 'Brent'.Missions
Ice BearStronger and colored ( ;) ) version of the standard bear.North
MushroomImmobile creature, with almost no weaknesses. Rumours have it, that some muntants can actually move slowly.Sewer, Dungeons
PantherStronger version of the cat creatures. These creatures are a rare sight.???
SealBasic, water-based, melee creatureOpen Sea
Small MushroomSpawn of Mushrooms. Weaker than their parents.Sewer, Dungeons
SnakeWeak melee creature found in caves. It can poison.Dungeons, The Desert
SpiderA moderate melee enemy, with a backstab attack.Encounters, River
SpiderhunterStronger version of the spider. They can hide in forests.River
TuskerNot as strong as the Gorer, but still a worthy opponent.Main, Encounters, River
TuskletFair damage and hitpoints for a level 0 enemy.Main, Encounters, River
WardogAdvanced version of the dog. Can be tamed in the doghut.Bandit Camps, Encounters
White RabbitFun monster from 'Brent'.Missions
Rat Faction
Fat RatAdvanced version of Mutant Rats, Fat Rats can slow down and infect enemies. But they are really slow.Sewer
FattyAdvanced version of the Fat Rat. Can additionally wound and has a ranged slam attack.Sewer
Hunter RatAdvanced rat with nightstalk and backstab.Sewer
Infected RatRat that can infect and weaken enemies.Encounters, Sewer, Dungeons
MoppsmausAlso known as the Rats Boss and originally designed as funmonster. Its attack abilities will weaken the opponent. You should receive healing as soon as possible after the fight.Sewer
Mutant RatMutant Rats have a lot more hitpoints than a standard rat, but are slower.Sewer
New RatSimple Rat that advances differently.Sewer
NorbertTwo headed rat with leadership.Sewer, Dungeons
Stalker RatStrong Rat with nightstalk, skirmish and poison attack.Encounters, Sewer, Dungeons
Stealth RatSimple rat with nightstalk.Encounters, Sewer, Dungeons
Wolf Faction
Alpha WolfWolf with leadership and a special backstab attack.Main, The North
GreybackAdvanced version of the Alpha Wolf. Deadly when being allowed to attack from behind.The North
SandwolfNormal wolf encountered in the desert regionsMain - Desert Encounters, The Desert
WelpSimple Level 0 version, which can advance to all wolf faction unitsMain, The River
Wolf GhostA nimble and strong Wolf that can hide anywhere.Main, The River, The North
Wolf HunterSlower, but stronger than a normal wolf. Nightstalk and Backstab are a dangerous combination, but he is slightly weaker in direct confrontations.Main, The River, The North
Wolf Phantom Phantoms are not to be seen be humans, unless it wants to be seen. A stronger version of the Ghost.Main, The River, The North
Wolf SkirmisherWeaker, but faster version of the standard wolf. With a slow attack and the skirmish ability its a perfect support unit for wolf packs.Main, The River, The North
Saurians (Dark Blood Alliance)
ToadsToads are enourmous creatures and exist in diffent versions. The saurians have discovered the secrets to summon and tame these creatures. Taken from the Era of Magic.
Epic Creatures
Epic DragonStronger version of a dragon.High Level Encounters
Giant GryphonStronger version of a gryphon, with a ranged scream attack.High Level Encounters
Master AssassinA fast, nimble human fighter, which uses hit and run abilities. Thanks to venom and heavy wound attacks this enemy can be nasty.High Level Encounters
Master BountyhunterA strong human fighter, with many defensive abilties. All is attacks are strong and designed to create damage, deadly however can be his ranged berserk attack.High Level Encounters
Sea MonsterAn epic seaserpent with a lot of additional weapon specials.High Level Encounters
Swamp MonsterAn enourmous spider with high hitpoints, splashing attacks and invisibilty.High Level Encounters
BardMercenary who can be hired for fame. He has some special abilities and splash attacks.Merc
BerserkerheroUsing the 'berserker' spell you can turn into this berserker unit. A strong melee attack, but easily taken down, by a group of creatures that can reduce the heroes ammount of damage.Transformation
BullseyeA companion you will receive later in the game. He has an own advancement path, which is focused on trick and ranged attacks.Companion
Elder BardAn advanced merc version, with unique abilities and attacks.Advanced Merc
ScarfaceA companion you will receive later in the game. He has an own amla path, which is focused on melee and tank abilities.Companion
SwampwitchA companion you will receive later in the game. She has an own amla path which increases the abilities of her ranged attack.Companion
youJohn is free to develop in his ways. He has a unique amla path. Each level he can decide to increase Strength, Constitution, Speed, Luck, Charisma, Dexerity and Intelligence. If he meets the requirement he can also decide to unlock a perk, instead of increasing his abilities.Protagonist
KhalifateStandard Khalifate units as added to the game in 12.0.
AtmosphereSome unit are just created to provide atmosphere, such as Giant Ships, Caravans, Boats.Everywhere
HeroshipYour basic hero ship, which can be upgraded to be faster or more enduring.Open Sea, Main, River
PirateshipA basic seabased enemy with a strong ranged attack.Open Sea - SeabattlesOpen Sea, Main
ObstaclesObstacles have different forms such as Stones, Bushs, Doors, Pallisades or Gates. They will just block the way of the heroes and can easily be defeated. They can be encountered in different situations.Dungeons, Missions
SuperweaponA new superweapon of the orcs, that can cause devasting damage.Missions
WatchtowerA simple structure to guard the orcish frontiers. The archers still oppose a threat to anyone nearby.Mission, North
MedusaA powerful creature that is able to petrify enemies. Taken from the Ageless Era.Dungeons
Medusa WitchAn even more powerful creature that is able to petrify enemies. This one has an additional melee attack that can slow down. Taken from the Ageless Era.Dungeons
Naga AssassinNaga with an advanced coral-bow.Open Sea, Encounters, Seafights, Ship Boarding Fights
Naga CatcherA naga with a net and a sharp knife. The net attack will slow down enemies.Open Sea, Encounters, Seafights, Ship Boarding Fights
Naga DeepcutAn advanced version of the catcher, with a strong melee attack.Open Sea, Encounters, Seafights, Ship Boarding Fights
Naga HunterNaga with a coral-bow.Open Sea, Encounters, Seafights, Ship Boarding Fights
Tentacle FangTentacles are the appendages of some greater monster that lurks below the waves. These Tentacles are used by whatever to slow down the prey and drag them underwater.Encounters, Seafights, Ship Boarding Fights
Tentacle PoisonTentacles are the appendages of some greater monster that lurks below the waves. These Tentacles are smaller, but can poison the victim.Encounters, Seafights, Ship Boarding Fights
TentacleTentacles are the appendages of some greater monster that lurks below the waves. Has changed movement stats.Encounters, Seafights, Ship Boarding Fights
Orcish KillerThe Killer has a critical attack, which has a chance to instantly kill an enemy. However they have a low chance to hit.North, Encounters
FatalbladeThe Fatalblade is an advanced killer. He can perform a berserk attack and deliver high damage.North, Encounters
DeadbladeThe Deadblade is an advanced killer. He has a 100% chance to kill an oposing unit in melee, but reduced hitpoints.North, Encounters
Goblin CatcherA fast rider with hit and run and slow down specials.North, Encounters
GreyThe mysterious leader of the Orcs.North, Encounters
Orcish HeroAn advanced orcish commander with a tripple charge attack.North, Encounters
Orcish CurserSomehow the orcs managed to resurrect their ancestors. Instead of life drain, these undead spirits can curse enemy units.North, Encounters
Orcish PlaqueThis assassin uses a new kind of toxin, that poisons and permanently infects the victim.North, Encounters
Orcish WeakenerThe orcish weakener is a mysterious goblin crossbowman, which uses black bolts to weaken his targets.North, Encounters
SouleaterThe boss. Beside a lot of hitpoints he can cast many spells, such as calling an entire army to his disposal.North, Encounters
SummonerThe orcish summoner has more hitpoints than any other creatures, but his spells are relatively weaker.North, Encounters
Rogue MagesA criminal magician with a basic magic attack. Taken from the Ageless Era.Main, Missions, Encounters
Shadow MageA criminal magician with an advanced magic attack. Taken from the Ageless Era.Main, Missions, Encounters
Shadow LordA criminal magician with a dangerous magic attack. Taken from the Ageless Era.Main, Missions, Encounters
Outlaw PrincessFemale bandit. Taken from the Ageless Era.Main, Missions, Encounters
Outlaw QueenFemale bandit. Taken from the Ageless Era.Main, Missions, Encounters
BrigandMounted bandit on a horse. Taken from the Ageless Era.Main, Missions, Encounters
RaiderAdvanced mounted bandit on a horse. Taken from the Ageless Era.Main, Missions, Encounters
Pocket ThiefA simple unit with pickpocketing abiltity.Main, Missions, Encounters
ApprenticeAn advanced pocketthief.Main, Missions, Encounters
MasterthiefAn even more advanced pocketthief, with several nasty attacks.Main, Missions, Encounters
DarklegendInvisible, dangerous and should be faced with care.Main, Missions, Encounters
PharaoBoss you will encounter during a story mission. Taken from Archaic Era, changed in several ways.Missions
Tomb ProtectorTaken from Archaic Era, changed in several ways.Desert, Dungeon
Tomb MummyDangerous Undead that exists in different versions. Taken from Archaic Era, changed in several ways.Desert, Dungeon
SailorA basic sailor, with a melee attack. Taken from Ageless Era.Encounters, Seafights, Ship Boarding Fights
Pirate CaptainA basic sailor, with a melee attack. Taken from Ageless Era.Encounters, Seafights, Ship Boarding Fights
PirateFair melee fighter. Taken from Ageless Era.Encounters, Seafights, Ship Boarding Fights
CorsairStrong melee fighter. Taken from Ageless Era.Encounters, Seafights, Ship Boarding Fights
SeafarerAdvanced sailor, with an additional ranged attack. Taken from Ageless Era.Encounters, Seafights, Ship Boarding Fights
MarinerGood allarounder. Taken from Ageless Era.Encounters, Seafights, Ship Boarding Fights
SeamanGood melee fighter with first strike. Taken from Ageless Era.Encounters, Seafights, Ship Boarding Fights
Sea WolfAllarounder with first strike and poison attack. Taken from Ageless Era.Encounters, Seafights, Ship Boarding Fights
WreckerStrong overall attacks with slow special. Taken from Ageless Era.Encounters, Seafights, Ship Boarding Fights
AirelementalWeak in hitpoints, but fast, able to fly and doing splash damage. Perfect summon for hit and run tactics.Summoned Creature, The North
AngelOne of the strongest summons in the game. Almost undefeatable on villages.Summoned Creature, The North
ClairvoyanceInivisible unit that will clear the fog of war for you.Summoned Creature, The North
DemonOne of the strongest summons in the game. More aggressive than the angel.Summoned Creature, The North
EarthelementalStrong melee creature, with the ability to regenerate.Summoned Creature, The North
Enchanted Magic WallA moderate forcefield.Summoned Creature, The North
FireelementalFireelementals do high damage, but risk their own life while doing so.Summoned Creature, The North
IceelementalStrong magical creature with a slowing ablities.Summoned Creature, The North
Magic WallA weak summoned forcefield to block the approach of enemies or to deliver distraction.Summoned Creature, The North
Mechanic Steam GuardPowered by devil and mighty steam technology, these long dead dwarven now raise there undead hands against you. Devoured flesh has been covered by steel and their green spooky eyes can find any intruder in this cave. Equipped with a heavy arsenal of fighting weapons, they seem to be undefeatable in high numbers. Their only drawback is the speed, maybe you can use this as an advantage.Ancient, The North
Steam GuardA powerful enemy with more than 150 hitpoints. Once, this guardian was a powerful dwarven scientiest, but after loosing the respect of a former dwarven king, he had to flee in this dungeon. The artifact betrayed him, suggesting him an eternal life in exchange for its protection. So he created a powerful armor, powered by steam, covered with blue steel and a deadly arsenal of experimental dwarven weapons. But especially his ability to create an endless stream of mechanical units makes him a thread, that shouldn't be underestimated.Summoned Creature, Ancient, The North
Undead Pirates
BoneBones are sailors who have been slain or died in the deepth of the ocean. Its not sure wether they have been awakened by a necromancer or a dark curse. Bones are fragile and slow and can easily be defeated. They are the main form of undeadpirates and attack in high numbers.The Open Sea
BoneadmiralsDark fog surrounds the undead only known as 'Boneadmirals'. All that is known about this unit are rumors told in shady taverns by sailors that have been lucky enough to survive an attack of undeads lead by an 'Admiral'.The Open Sea
BonecaptainBonecaptains are the strongest of the undeadpirates. It is said that each bonecaptain controls a hundred of undead minions and rumours say, that they use poisoned blades and engulf their enemies in fire.The Open Sea
Bone CutthroatBone Cutthroats a the most fragile undeads on the Open Seas. Therefore they are faster and their attacks from behind can be deadly for an unaware sailor.The Open Sea
Bone FreebooterBone Freebooter must have been pirates in their former life, willing to continue their pirateous lifes. Armed with a saber and a twoshot thunderstick, they are a balanced fighters standing a side the mightier Bonepirates and Swashbucklers.The Open Sea
Bone LooterBone Looter are creatures, whose greed seems to have overlived even their mortal life. Their sharp blades allows them to wound people, while their other attack steals gold and slows the target down.The Open Sea
BonemastercutBone Mastercuts wield deadly blades that can heavily wound a target Even though their unsatiable hunger for gold has reduced in exchange for power, their reason to steal gold is still an essential part of their undead life.The Open Sea
BonepirateBonepirates are a threat for every sailor in the Open Sea. They can't match the Swashbucklers melee skills, but they use some sort of thunderstick weapons. Its not sure who provides these weapons and some people speak about a conspiracy between undead and living pirates.The Open Sea
CursedCursed are mystical undeads wielding cursed sabers, which have the ability to resurrect their fallen enemies and slow down other enemies.The Open Sea
SwashbucklerWhile Bones are basic undeads, Swashbuckler are annother caliber. For some reasons these undeads are stronger, faster and deadlier.The Open Sea
Young DwarfSimple 0 level version of the dwarves who can evolve into all level 1 forces.Ancient, The North

List of Consumables


Attack Itemsvarious effects
BombDamage an area for 25 center damage and 15 adjecent damage. Kills enemies.
Comet ScrollDamages an enemy for 50 hitpoints, but does not kill.
FiretrapPlaces a firetrap. When triggered it will damage the unit.
Harm ScrollDamages an enemy for 20 hitpoints, but does not kill.
PoisontrapPlaces a slowtrap. When triggered it will damage and poison the unit.
Scythe of DeathStory Artifact: Damages an enemy for 1000 hitpoints, but does not kill.
Slow ScrollSlows down an enemy.
SlowtrapPlaces a slowtrap. When triggered it will slow down the unit.
Teleportaway ScrollTeleports away any targeted unit.
TeleporttrapPlaces a teleporttrap. When triggered it will teleport the unit away.
Boozerecovers HP, Mana, Exhaustion
redwinerecovers 0 HP, 2 Mana, 2 Exhaustion
bloodymaryrecovers 0 HP, 3 Mana, 5 Exhaustion
bluewinerecovers 0 HP, 10 Mana, 10 Exhaustion
dwarvenbeerrecovers 10 HP, 10 Mana, 10 Exhaustion
lightbeerrecovers 0 HP, 1 Mana, 1 Exhaustion
purplewinerecovers 0 HP, 5 Mana, 10 Exhaustion
strongbeerrecovers -5 HP, 5 Mana, 5 Exhaustion
Drawback:Chance for getting drunk, when drinking booze.
Curevarious effects
Antidoteheals poison and venom
Bandageheals wounds and regenerates 10 hp
Coffeeheals drunk and slow
Medicineheals drunk and slow
Pangoheals all negative effects (even petrification), except wounds and venom
Foodrecovers HP, Mana, Exhaustion
algaesouprecovers 0 HP, 0 Mana, 5 Exhaustion
betterbrewrecovers 15 HP, 1 Mana, 4 Exhaustion
brewrecovers 5 HP, 0 Mana, 1 Exhaustion
cookedmeatrecovers 10 HP, 0 Mana, 2 Exhaustion
fishsouprecovers 25 HP, 1 Mana, 5 Exhaustion
herbsrecovers 30 HP, 0 Mana, 3 Exhaustion
mushroomsouprecovers 10 HP, 3 Mana, 1 Exhaustion
perfectmeatrecovers 30 HP, 3 Mana, 10 Exhaustion
ratburgerrecovers 5 HP, 1 Mana, 1 Exhaustion
weedsrecovers 0 HP, 1 Mana, 3 Exhaustion
Miscvarious effects
Clairvoyance ScrollReveals Maps and clears fog of war
Flasksidentifies a flask, but can also have random effects such as increasing stats, hurting or poisoning
FleescrollTeleports to a random position of the map. Can be used as an option during encounters or special situation.
Greater Teleport Scrollallows to teleport to annother map
Lootbookrandom effects: Skillgain, Scrolls, Experience, Spells: Fireball, Slowdown, Flee, Frost Lance, Icestorm, Berserkeraspect, Sticky Poison, Weaponblessing, Healer, Poison Master, Werhare, Fireelemental, Iceelemental, Earthelemental, Airelemental
Randomsummon ScrollSummons a random creature of a random side.
SpellbookUnlocks one of the following powerful spells: Massslow, Masslifesteal, Hard Rain, Devour Area, Firestorm, Arrowrain, Greater Necromancy, Greater Summoning, Army Summoning, Undeadarmy, Petrify
TreasuremapReveals a random treasure on the map. Actual treasure will be overwritten.
TeleportscrollTeleports to a position of your choice.
TentRest in the mainmaps and quickrest in dungeons
Recoveryvarious effects
AttackpotionRecovers 1 Attack
HealpotionFully heals character, does not remove negative effects
Heal ScrollFully heals an allied unit or yourself
ManapotionRecovers 5 Mana
MaxmanapotionFully recovers mana
MovementpotionRecovers 5 movement points
StaminapotionFully recovers exhaustion


AmuletsArmors Rings Shields Shoes Weapons Left Handed Weapons



Amulet nameBonusRequirement
Amulet of Endurancecharisma 5 hitpoints +20
Amulet of Hardinesscharisma 7 hitpoints +30
Amulet of Speedcharisma 2 speed +1
Amulet of Steelcharisma 4 resistance +3
Amulet of Hastecharisma 5 speed +2
Amulet of Mithrilcharisma 7 resistance +4
Amulet of Diamondcharisma 12 resistance +5
Amulet of Timeintelligence 12 strikes +1
Amulet of Attackcharisma 4 damage +1
Amulet of Tigercharisma 7 damage +2
Amulet of Furycharisma 12 damage +3
Amulet of Defence Auracharisma 10 ability defenceaura
Amulet of Darkencharisma 8 ability darken
Charm of Northcharisma 1 charisma +5
Amulet of Luckluck 1 luck +3
Amulet of Charismacharisma 1 charisma +3
Amulet of Strengthstrength 1 strength +3
Amulet of Dexteritydexterity 1 dexterity +3
Amulet of Constitutionconstitution 1 constitution +3
Amulet of The Bardcharisma 5 bardskill +20
Amulet of the Threecharisma 5 maxmana +500



ArmornameResistance BonusMovement PenalityHitpoint BonusArmor SpecialRequirement
Street Cloth105Concealmentconstitution 1
Old Chainmail 3 2 10 None constitution 2
Leather Armor 5 0 10 None constitution 3
Studded Armor 7 1 20 None constitution 4
Magicans Cloak 9 0 30 Teleport intelligence 10
Heavy Armor10 3 30 None constitution 5
Druids Armor11 0 40 Cures charisma 12
Spiked Armor12 2 30 Spikes_1 constitution 6
Shadow Armor 13 0 30 Nightstalk dexterity 10
Ghost Armor 14 0 20 Hide luck 10
Dragonleather Armor 15 0 40 Skirmisher constitution 10
Elven Armor17 1 35 Ambush dexterity 15
Steam Armor 20 1 60 Mechanical constitution 15
Mithril Armor 25 2 50 Steadfast constitution 20
Trollskin Armor 30 3 70 Regeneration constitution 25
Silk Armor8 0 20 Concealment dexterity 5
Leather Drake Armor15 0 40 Skirmisher dexterity 10
Steel Drake Armor 35 0 60 Damageup constitution 25
Fur Armor15 2 0 Steadfast constitution 4
Desert Armor 18 0 40 Concealmentdexterity 13
Diver Armor 20 0 30 Submerge constitution 15
Hoplite Armor40 4 30 Submerge constitution 20
Bards Armor20050Initiativecharisma 10
Strikers Armor5 1 100 Blitzstrength 15
Berserker Tattoo0 0 200 Bloodlustconstitution 25
Ghouls Armor 0 0 0 Feedingconstitution 25
Jesters Armor 20 0 40 Distractluck 10
Armor of Light20 0 70 Illuminatescharisma 8
Bare Skin0 0 0 Avoidingdexterity 10
Orcish Armor15 3 50Damageupstrength 10
Armor of Pain15 3 40Spikes_2constitution 12
Armor of Secret Daggers15340Spikes_3dexterity 20
Grey Armor5010100Devourconstitution 30
Apprentice Cloak5015Concealmentintelligence 5



Helmet NameRequirementBonus
Vision Helmet intelligence 5 ability clairvoyant
Old Helmetconstitution 1 resistance +1
Leather Capconstitution 3 resistance +2
Combat Helmetconstitution 5 resistance +3
Mithril Helmetconstitution 7 resistance +4
Hood dexterity 5 damage +2
Thinking Capintelligence 5 intelligence +5
Helmet of Hardinessconstitution 1 constitution +3
Helmet of Strengthstrength 1 strength +3
Helmet of Enduranceconstitution 5 hitpoints +40
Helmet of Trollconstitution 7 hitpoints +50
Full Helmetconstitution 10 defense +10
Fur Helmetconstitution 1 luck +5



Ring nameBonusRequirement
Ring of Endurancecharisma 5 hitpoints +20
Ring of Hardinesscharisma 7 hitpoints +30
Ring of Steelcharisma 3 resistance +3
Ring of Mithrilcharisma 5 resistance +4
Ring of Diamondcharisma 10 resistance +5
Ring of Speedcharisma 1 speed +1
Ring of Hastecharisma 4 speed +2
Ring of Attackcharisma 3 damage +1
Ring of Tigercharisma 5 damage +2
Ring of Furycharisma 10 damage +3
Ring of The Onecharisma 12 ability invisible
Ring of Fearcharisma 10 ability presenceoffear
Ring of Poison Immunity charisma 5 ability Poison Immunity
Ring of Luckluck 3 luck 3
Ring of Charismacharisma 3 charisma 3
Ring of Strengthstrength 3 strength 3
Ring of Dexteritydexterity 3 dexterity 3
Ring of Constitutionconstitution 3 constitution 3
Ring of The Open Locklockpickskill 20 lockpickskill 20
Ring of The Thiefpickpocketskill 20 pickpocketskill 20



Sandals strength 1 resistance 1
Combat Shoes strength 5 resistance 3
Knight Boots strength 7 resistance 4
Mithril Boots strength 10 resistance 5
Shoes of Speed dexterity 1 speed 1
Shoes of Haste dexterity 3 speed 2
Elven Shoes dexterity 7 speed 3
Boots of Floating luck 5 ability floating
Lucky Boots charisma 1 luck 3
Beautiful Boots charisma 1 charisma 3
Shoes of Extradice luck 3 cheaterskill 20
Boots of Avoiding speed 1 defense 3
Boots of Skirmisher speed 3 defense 5
Boots of Protection speed 7 defense 7
Fur Boots luck 1 luck +5



ShieldnameRequirementResistance Bonus Defence Bonus Movemment Penality
Wooden Shieldstrength 13 3 0
Ram Shieldstrength 30 5 0
Steel Shieldstrength 55 5 1
Tower Shieldstrength 1010 5 2
Paladins Shieldconstitution 108 8 1
Miracle Shieldluck 128 8 0
Hoplite Shieldstrength 1512 12 4
Steel Blockstrength 1520 5 4



Weaponname Requirement - Range - Damagetype - Damage - Strikes - Special
Heavy Slicer speed 10 melee blade 3 7 Heavywound
Speed Slicer speed 10 melee blade 2 6 Hit and Run
Wounder speed 10 ranged blade 15 3 Wound
Boomerang speed 10 ranged impact 15 2 Hit and Run
Orc Axe strength 8 melee blade 10 2 Critical
Knife strength 1 melee pierce 3 2 None
Woodcutter strength 1 Axe melee blade 3 2 None
Dagger strength 2 melee pierce 4 3 Firststrike
Short Sword strength 3 melee blade 5 3 None
Light Mace strength 4 melee impact 9 2 Slow
Spear strength 5 melee pierce 12 2 Firststrike
Long Sword strength 6 melee blade 7 4 None
Hammer strength 7 melee impact 14 2 Slow
Heavy Pike strength 8 melee pierce 15 2 Firststrike
Heavy Axe strength 9 melee cold 16 2 Hitchance
Assassins Grasp dexterity 10 melee blade 6 4 Poison
Thieves Dagger dexterity 6 melee pierce 4 4 Backstab
Rapier dexterity 7 melee pierce 5 4 Hitchance
Steel Dagger speed 8 melee blade 6 3 Hit and Run
Assassins Blade speed 10 melee blade 6 4 Charge
Halberd strength 12 melee blade 20 2 Firststrike and Splash
Basic Throwing Knife dexterity 1 ranged blade 2 3 None
Throwing Knife dexterity 2 ranged blade 3 3 None
Slingshot dexterity 3 ranged impact 4 3 Slow
Short Bow dexterity 4 ranged pierce 5 3 None
Long Bow dexterity 5 ranged impact 7 3 Hitchance
Pack of Knifes speed 5 ranged pierce 3 3 Splash
Crossbow dexterity 6 ranged cold 25 1 Hitchance
Javelin dexterity 8 ranged pierce 15 2 Hit and Run
Assassins Needle dexterity 10 ranged pierce 5 5 Poison
Multishot Crossbow dexterity 15 ranged cold 9 4 Splash
Ballista strength 20 ranged impact 40 1 Stun
Elven Bow dexterity 20 ranged pierce 14 3 Perfection
Elven Sword dexterity 20 melee pierce 7 5 Perfection
Scimitar dexterity 7 melee cold 6 4 None
Naphta dexterity 10 ranged fire 35 1 Magical
Firesword dexterity melee fire 10 3 20 Charge
Big Scimitar dexterity 15 melee cold 8 5 Hit and Run
Scythe of Life charisma 15 melee Scythe of Life blade 5 4 Lifedrain
Berserker Axe strength 15 melee blade 9 5 Berserk
Dwarven Hammer strength 20 melee impact 14 3 Shock
Small Cannon strength 25 ranged fire 45 1 Greater Splash
Ancient Hammer strength 30 melee impact 40 1 Shockwave
Basic Flute charisma 1 ranged arcane 5 1 Knockout
Trumpet charisma 3 ranged arcane 5 2 Splash
Drum charisma 5 ranged arcane 4 3 Splashslow
Silver Flute bardskill 50 ranged arcane 5 2 Splashdrain
Green Kantele charisma 10 ranged arcane 7 3 Splashpoison
Red Kantele charisma 10 ranged arcane 10 3 Splashdrain
Holy Trumpet charisma 10 ranged arcane 10 3 Greater Splash
Flute of Fear charisma 15 ranged arcane 7 3 Shock
Flute of Chance charisma 15 ranged arcane 6 3 Teleportaway
Harm Flute charisma 20 ranged arcane 15 3 Harm
shovel strength 5 melee impact 10 2 Knockout
Rotten Dagger dexterity 10 melee pierce 3 3 Rotten
Souleater strength 10 melee blade 8 4 Souleater
Stormlance intelligence 15 ranged arcane 15 3 Magical
Harpoon dexterity 10 melee pierce 15 2 Firststrike
Light Claw dexterity 10 melee pierce 5 7 Firststrike
Blood Claw strength 8 melee blade 7 5 None
Steel Claw strength 13 melee blade 9 5 Hitchance
Drake Smasher strength 15 melee impact 15 3 Knockout
Drake Devaster strength 15 melee impact 15 3 Knockback
Drake Halberd strength 25 melee blade 15 4 Firststrike and Splash
Drake Axe melee blade 15 3 strength 30 Cleave
Firemace strength 10 melee Firemace fire 12 3 Splash
Wail intelligence 15 ranged impact 5 4 Lifedrain
Fireball intelligence 14 ranged fire 8 4 Splash
Freezer intelligence 13 ranged cold 5 5 Splashslow
Lightning intelligence 16 ranged arcane 15 2 Perfection
Charm charisma 10 ranged impact 1 1 Becharm
Dimension Dagger luck 10 melee pierce 3 3 Teleportaway
Greater Fireball intelligence 20 ranged fire 9 4 Greater Splash
Basic Magic intelligence 5 ranged cold 6 2 Magical
Advanced Magic intelligence 7 ranged cold 6 3 Magical
Force Push intelligence 10 ranged impact 10 2 Knockback
Quick Hand pickpocketskill 20 melee impact 5 2 Pickpocket
Greater Force Push intelligence 20 ranged impact 40 1 Shockwave
Quicker Hand pickpocketskill 40 melee impact 5 3 Pickpocket
Merman Spear strength 10 melee pierce 10 3 Hitchance
Blessed Javelin dexterity 10 ranged pierce 10 2 Perfection
Uru Sword strength 20 melee blade 10 3 Ultimate Charge
Slayers Hand dexterity 15 melee blade 7 3 Perfection
Slayers Destiny dexterity 15 ranged pierce 7 3 Perfection
Orc Hammer strength 25 melee impact 55 1 Shockwave
Plaque Mace strength 20 melee impact 25 1 Illness
Orcish Slicer dexterity 20 melee blade 35 1 Weaken
Enchanted Crossbow dexterity 20 ranged impact 8 3 Weaken
Curse intelligence 25 melee cold 10 2 Curse
Needle dexterity 8 melee pierce 1 1 Death
Poison Sting dexterity 10 melee pierce 20 1 Venom

Left-Handed Weapons


WeaponnameRequirementRange Damagetype Damage Strikes Special
Torch dexterity 5melee fire 15 1 Illuminates
Perfect Daggerdexterity 15 melee pierce 5 4 Perfection
Net dexterity 3 ranged fire 15 1 Slow - Activates Net Attack Skill
Fencers Dagger dexterity 5 melee blade 15 1 Extrastrike
Defensive Daggerdexterity 6 melee pierce 4 3 Extradefence
Enchanted Netsdexterity 10 ranged impact 8 3 Slow - Activates Net Attack Skill

Abilities and Armorspecials


AvoidingIncreases Overall-Defence.
BlitzNearby allies should receive Skirmisher ability. Currently doesn't do anything. Will be overworked.
BloodlustWhen killing an enemy, the attack should be restored.
ClairvoyanceAllows to cast clairvoyance (clear shroud).
DamageupIncreases Damage.
DarkenOpposite of Illuminate.
DefenceauraIncreases Resistance of nearby allies.
DevourThis unit and all surrounding units loose 8 hitpoints per turn. Killing a unit will however heal the character.
DistractThis unit negates enemy Zones of Control around itself for friendly units (but not for itself).
FeedingTends to be buggy, works sometimes, sometimes not. Game Engine Problem.
FleeAllows to cast the flee spell.
FloatingTrap Immunity.
HideAllows to cast invisible.
InitiativeAdjacent allies are granted Firststrike with all weapons.
InvisibleLike Hide.
LonerIncreases units damage, reduces damage of surrounding units.
MechanicalAllows to summon mechanical guards.
Poison ImmunityHeals poison.
Presence of FearAll surrounding units (allies as well as enemies) do less damage.
Spikes 1/2/3Damages surrounding units by either 1/2/3 points.
SubmergeAs the original, it allows to hide in deep water. Unfortunately does not work as you can enter deep water as a hero.
TeleportAllows to teleport, this can be buggy as it allows you to teleport not yet visited places. Game Engine Problem.
TimemanipulationReduces damage of surrounding enemies. Stacks with other abilities.



becharmWhen attacked, there is a chance that the enemy is converted to your side.
cleaveOn a melee attack, whatever hits the target will also hit enemies in the two hexes that are adjacent to both the attacker and defender, in a crescent moon shape, for 50% of the original damage.
criticalWhen this attack hit it kills the unit instantly.
cursingThe attacked unit will be cursed and its damage is massively reduced.
deathWhen this attack hit it kills the unit instantly. The hitchance is 100%.
heavy woundThe attacked unit will be heavy wounded and looses hp each turn.
hit and runAttacking does not drain movement points, the unit will be able to attack and move afterwards.
extradefenceDrains hitpoints on defence.
extrastrikeExtra damages is done by this attack.
greatersplashAll adjacent units to the target will receive 6 damage.
illnessThe attacked unit will receive illness and its damage is reduced.
knockbackThe attacked unit will be knocked back. Does not always work.
pickpocketThe side of the unit hit by this attack will loose gold. The attackers side gains it.
shockwaveThis attack is so strong that it slows the target, and creates a shock wave that knocks all units adjacent to the attacker back, slows them too and damages them for 10 impact damage. Works only offensively.
splashAll adjacent units to the target will receive 3 damage.
splashdrainThe attacked unit and all ajencent units will be affected by lifedrain.
splashpoisonThe attacked unit and all ajencent units will be poisoned.
splashslowThe attacked unit and all ajencent units will be slowed.
stunDestroys the Zone of Control, when hit by this attack.
teleportawayThe attacked unit will be teleported away.
weakenThe attacked unit receives illness and its damage is reduced.
woundThe attacked unit will be wounded and looses hp each turn.
venomThe attacked unit will be affected by venom and looses 16 hp per turn.